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Made in USA MAXMAN IV sex medicine

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Product Details:
Sex Products
Place of Origin
United States
Explain the major components:
From ancient times, East Ali has been recognized as a high-quality traditional herbal medicine in Malaysia, its roots on the human body many health benefits. Extract it with the strength and vitality to enhance and reduce use fatigue. It is called locally the "Orient VIG."
 Eight major characteristics:
1, effective to increase penis length;
2, create a hard, huge penis, will be more satisfied with sexual partners;
3, effective to overcome the phenomenon of premature ejaculation;
4, increase erectile hardness and speed;
5, testicular repair and upgrade the level of hormones, with repeated sexual climax;
6,100% natural herbs, safe and no side-effects;
7, day 2, after a course of treatment, to ensure that the growth of your penis 3 inches (7.02CM) increased more than 1.5 times the ejaculation;
8, with the first generation of products, components of a more natural, more complete absorption, the effect more obvious.
 A radical improvement in the health of the penis, more healthy sex life
The second generation of the penis increases MAXMAN unique formula capsule penile vascular can enhance blood circulation, manufacturing, natural hormones, the expansion of corpus cavernosum, in the erection will be more blood into the corpus cavernosum to the cavity and increase the cavity intracavernous pressure to cavernous cavity natural penis enlargement, you can accommodate an additional 30% of normal blood, the use of the second generation of the penis increases MAXMAN capsule, the corpus cavernosum penis cavity volume increased significantly, can accommodate more of blood to the penis is not only a longer and more full erection, but also in the penis length, circumference, hardness, etc. of permanent growth.
MAXMAN second-generation capsule contains a supply of the penis and testicles herbal nutritional ingredients "Tongkat Ali Ali", it can improve the reproductive organs function and to enhance the amount of testosterone, so that the natural growth
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